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teachingGod is on the move! The PWI University of Prayer is being established through prayer. Praise God! The University of Prayer is the primary training, teaching, equipping, and mentoring arm of PWI.

The UPLINC Ministry of PWI

UP is an abbreviation for “University of Prayer”.

LINC describes the four primary vehicles of training through PWI:
L = Leadership Training Seminars (LTSs). It includes Open and Select LTSs.
I = International Institute of Prayer. It includes National and International Prayer Schools in these
forms: Standard, Weekly, Mini, International, and DVD.
N = Net School. It is short for The Internet Prayer School – making the PWI prayer curricula
available through the internet.
C = Called to Prayer. It is the PWI Prayer Missionary Ministry (PPMM).

Pastor Bjorn is finalizing the curricula. We are in the process of getting all the curricula recorded, manuals and study guides developed, which can go along with the DVDs. At present, Prayer School VII Jesus is Coming Back is for sale on DVDs with the manual and a study guide. The Net School will be available when God releases the resources needed. The Prayer Missionary Ministry is in the seed form ready to blossom.

The key element I am working on is the Prayer Foundation under UPLINC and the Canopy of Prayer over and around the UPLINC. Please email Pastor Miriam at if God calls you to pray for UPLINC, so it can be fully established in God’s will, time, and in His selected places.


1. Praise God for Prayer School VII Jesus is Coming Back is available for sale.

2. Pray for protection, direction and favor (PDF) for Pastor Bjorn and the teams completing all the curricula.

3. Pray for anointed, rock-solid prayer foundation under UPLINC through anointed intercessors

4. Pray God’s complete and perfect will be done in and through UPLINC

5. Pray that UPLINC and all PWI Prayer Centers will be places of God’s indwelling presence

May the rich blessings of the Lord fill your life and ministry.


Pastor Miriam Perry
Coordinator, University of Prayer

  1. News From The Prayer Watch Team in Norway

Southern Norway

(Team Norway has been a vital part of PWI for many years. Several Prayer Schools and conferences have been held in Lyngdal as well as in other parts of Norway. Most recently Prayer School Type IV: Families in Prayer was held there in September, 2012.)

The PWI Team in Norway meets every Monday at 5:00 p.m. to pray for Lyngdal, our town. We pray for each other and people who are serving with PWI–Pastor Bjorn and the teams around the world.PS IV Norway

We pray for the different churches in Lyngdal, for unity, and for a prayer center to be built. We pray for all the schools, offices, factories, and stores. We intercede for the homes of elderly and handicapped people. We pray for all our Lyngdal politicians by name. We pray for marriages, children, and for drug problems to decrease. We pray for Norway, our country’s government, the King and his family, and for Europe and Israel.

Last Monday we went prayerwalking to the new youth school which is being built. We also went to a special area with lots of stone being stored. This area is of great concern-they can’t agree what to do about it-if the stones should be removed or not. In the newspaper, they wrote a lot about this place and the problems it’s causing for building a new church center in Lyngdal. Perhaps it will need to move to Magne and Annlaug Drageland - Norwayanother place. Please join us in praying about this, for God’s will for the location of our new church center, and for unity in our town of Lyngdal.


Magne and Annlaug Drageland
President, PWI Team Norway


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is our prayer to almighty God for Him to build a Ministry Center in Mazolovo. It is vitally important for us to have this building where we can conduct many of our ministries and also have a church building for the Mazolovo congregation.

This center will radically change the situation for Belarus Lutheranism. It is the first building project of this kind in Belarus!

Please ask God to be merciful to the Lutherans in Belarus and to grant an opportunity to finish the building of the center. Just before winter we were able to do work on the electric supply and started working on plumbing and water supplies.

It is a great privilege, as always, to share about the Lord’s work in Belarus! We are engaged in a strong spiritual battle to restore a biblical, God-glorifying Lutheran Church in this country.

Would you consider being a part of this vital, soul-saving ministry?

First, we need your fervent prayers for the church to be revitalized in Belarus.Second, we greatly appreciate your financial donations towards the building project. There is nothing more valuable for a person than his eternal soul and bringing glory to God. Everything here on earth will pass away. What we do for the Lord’s Kingdom will stay and have an effect through eternity! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Valery

You can contact me by email at and I can give you contribution instructions. I will also be making a trip to the U.S. this fall. I would love to visit your congregation or organization and speak about the exciting things happening in Belarus ministry!

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Valery Hryhoryk



Receiving a certificate after a Prayer Conference

Pastor Valery has been an enthusiastic participant in PWI mission trips to the Ukraine, Belarus,and Russia. He has brought students for the past two years to PWI Prayer Schools and a Prayer Conference. He also was a capable and insightful guide and translator in the Ukraine and when the team traveled to Belarus and Moscow. In addition, he is a translator and book publisher by profession. At this time, he is translating Pastor Bjorn’s book, Face To Face With God into Russian! Please keep Pastor Valery, his family and ministry in your prayers as he labors to bring Christ to his country.


Intentional prayer for Prayer Watch – Easter 2013

 Please praise the Lord and intercede for…

1.   “Then I will praise God’s name with singing, and I will honor him with thanksgiving” Psalm 69:30 NL

2. Glory to God for the Easter Season and the impartation of Resurrection Power to all believers worldwide!

3. Pray for PWI to be wholeheartedly committed to the Vision of Prayer given in Alexandria, Minnesota on April 27, 1986; to see it fulfilled according to God’ will and time

4. Pray for blessing and great fruit to come from the PWI global prayer ministries:
  – India (Rev. Stephen Jackayya, Leader)
Tanzania (Rev. Justin Oforo, Leader)
Kenya (Rev. Miriam Gichung’wa, Leader)
Bungoma Prayer Center, Kenya (Pastor Abraham Kitui, Leader)
Germany (Rev. Herbert and Rita Lang, Leaders)
Belarus (Rev. Valery Hryhoryk, Partner)
Ukraine (Rev. Alexander Gross, Partner)
Bulgaria (Rev. Joel Chiron, Leader)
Norway (Rev. Harald Tysvær and Magne Drageland, Leader)

5. Pray for Holy Spirit anointing and blessing over an exceptionally busy year of national and international prayer engagements starting in April and continuing into December (See proposed Calendar of Upcoming PWI Events)

6. Pray for wisdom, discernment and Holy Spirit guidance for the newly formed PWI Media Group and the PWI Editing Team (See separate article)

7. Pray for God to bless the good and important work of Dean Neasham, Videographer, who has done (and hopefully will be doing) much of the recent (and upcoming) professional recording of PWI Prayer Schools and Leadership Training Seminars

8. Praise God for the PWI Board of Directors, staff members (domestic and international), global Intercessors, volunteers, contributors, encouragers, partners, and particular providers. Pray that God will P-D-F them (Protection- Direction – Favor)!

9. Pray for the release of significant resources to maintain and expand the PWI global prayer mission and ministry and pay off all debts. Also pray for funds to restore some of the international ministries that have been reduced or eliminated. “Stand on” the promise of God in Philippians 4:19 as you pray!

10. All glory and honor and praise belong to God, our Almighty and Everlasting Heavenly Father. Hallelujah! Amen.


By Pastor Bjørn Pedersen

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God  raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you (Romans 8:11 NLT).

The Easter Season scans a wide range of emotional experiences from extravagant celebration and joy on Palm Sunday, to suffering and pain on Good Friday, and culminating with Resurrection Power and  exuberant joyful shouting, “He is Risen!” on Easter Morning!

Easter Morning is the exclamation mark of the Christian faith! God raised Jesus from death and the grave. He is victorious over the devil, the kingdom of darkness, even death itself. The Lord brings hope of eternal life to all who accept the redemptive work of Christ on the cross and receive the Holy Spirit’s resurrection power to rise in glory, spending eternity with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and everlasting worship and praise in Spirit and Truth to God’s eternal glory!

It was the Holy Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead on Easter Morning. According to the Apostle Paul (Romans 8:11), this same Holy Spirit “lives in you.” That means you are filled with Resurrection Power! Let’s give greater access for the Holy Spirit to manifest His Resurrection Power in and through our thoughts, words and deeds!  Now God will be even more glorified, His kingdom on earth strengthened and expanded, and His bride fully prepared for His soon return!

The facts of Easter are clear and irrefutable:

  • First, just as Jesus had promised – He died and rose again.
  • Second, Jesus’ physical resurrection shows that He is the living Christ and ruler over the eternal Kingdom of God.
  • Third, because Jesus rose from the dead, we His followers can be sure of our resurrection into eternal life when that time comes. Jesus was victorious over death. Death is not the end. There will be eternal life with Jesus for all those who believe in Him!
  • Fourth, the resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to all His followers today. God’s resurrection power will transform  our sinful bodies into eternal life in Christ Jesus.
  • Fifth, the resurrection power of Jesus provides anointing and strength to be a witness to share the Good News of eternal life in Jesus Christ (by grace through faith) with a lost and chaotic  world. Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!


Our Resurrected Lord and Savior, bless all PWI partners, families and churches with a double portion of resurrection power to pray, intercede, do spiritual warfare and to serve Jesus with greater Holy Spirit anointing and strength than ever before to Your glory, honor and praise in Jesus’ Everlasting Name.

Hallelujah! Amen!