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  1. News From The Prayer Watch Team in Norway

Southern Norway

(Team Norway has been a vital part of PWI for many years. Several Prayer Schools and conferences have been held in Lyngdal as well as in other parts of Norway. Most recently Prayer School Type IV: Families in Prayer was held there in September, 2012.)

The PWI Team in Norway meets every Monday at 5:00 p.m. to pray for Lyngdal, our town. We pray for each other and people who are serving with PWI–Pastor Bjorn and the teams around the world.PS IV Norway

We pray for the different churches in Lyngdal, for unity, and for a prayer center to be built. We pray for all the schools, offices, factories, and stores. We intercede for the homes of elderly and handicapped people. We pray for all our Lyngdal politicians by name. We pray for marriages, children, and for drug problems to decrease. We pray for Norway, our country’s government, the King and his family, and for Europe and Israel.

Last Monday we went prayerwalking to the new youth school which is being built. We also went to a special area with lots of stone being stored. This area is of great concern-they can’t agree what to do about it-if the stones should be removed or not. In the newspaper, they wrote a lot about this place and the problems it’s causing for building a new church center in Lyngdal. Perhaps it will need to move to Magne and Annlaug Drageland - Norwayanother place. Please join us in praying about this, for God’s will for the location of our new church center, and for unity in our town of Lyngdal.


Magne and Annlaug Drageland
President, PWI Team Norway

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