Supporting The Kindgom of God in Belarus


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is our prayer to almighty God for Him to build a Ministry Center in Mazolovo. It is vitally important for us to have this building where we can conduct many of our ministries and also have a church building for the Mazolovo congregation.

This center will radically change the situation for Belarus Lutheranism. It is the first building project of this kind in Belarus!

Please ask God to be merciful to the Lutherans in Belarus and to grant an opportunity to finish the building of the center. Just before winter we were able to do work on the electric supply and started working on plumbing and water supplies.

It is a great privilege, as always, to share about the Lord’s work in Belarus! We are engaged in a strong spiritual battle to restore a biblical, God-glorifying Lutheran Church in this country.

Would you consider being a part of this vital, soul-saving ministry?

First, we need your fervent prayers for the church to be revitalized in Belarus.Second, we greatly appreciate your financial donations towards the building project. There is nothing more valuable for a person than his eternal soul and bringing glory to God. Everything here on earth will pass away. What we do for the Lord’s Kingdom will stay and have an effect through eternity! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Valery

You can contact me by email at and I can give you contribution instructions. I will also be making a trip to the U.S. this fall. I would love to visit your congregation or organization and speak about the exciting things happening in Belarus ministry!

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Valery Hryhoryk



Receiving a certificate after a Prayer Conference

Pastor Valery has been an enthusiastic participant in PWI mission trips to the Ukraine, Belarus,and Russia. He has brought students for the past two years to PWI Prayer Schools and a Prayer Conference. He also was a capable and insightful guide and translator in the Ukraine and when the team traveled to Belarus and Moscow. In addition, he is a translator and book publisher by profession. At this time, he is translating Pastor Bjorn’s book, Face To Face With God into Russian! Please keep Pastor Valery, his family and ministry in your prayers as he labors to bring Christ to his country.


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