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We ended the PWI European Mission last Sunday night with Pastor Bjorn preaching at Betania, a local church fellowship in Lyngdal, Norway. Pastor Karol Brecheisen also shared a short message.

We praise God for a fruitful and rewarding  mission trip to both Ukraine and Norway. Please join us in thanking God for using us to build up the body of Christ in these places by training his people to go deeper with Him in prayer.  We thank God also that Norway now has eight trained PWI teachers.

Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Miriam and I arrived safely in Bergen Monday. We said goodbye to Pastor Bjorn at the airport as he joined his brother and sister-in-law. Pastor Miriam and I went to our hotel as we prepared for a couple of days of sightseeing. Pastor Karol left Monday morning to return home to Phoenix.

Pastor Bjorn preaching at Betania in Lyngdal.

Pastor Karol preaching at Betania Sunday night.

Pastor Bjorn with his brother and sister in law (Stein and Svanhil Pedersen)


Graduates & participants in Norway's LTS

Graduates & participants in Norway’s LTS

Today was the last day of our leadership training seminar in Lyngdal, Norway. We finished our teaching, graduated PWI’s newly-trained teachers, had a Celebration of Lights ceremony and enjoyed communion together.

We praise and thank God that all went well and that eight people in Norway are now certified to teach with PWI. The other six people who attended the teacher training chose not to do presentations so they did not get diplomas. But they were recognized with participation certificates.

Pastor Bjorn will preach tomorrow (Sunday) night at Betanea Church in Lyngdal.

Pastor Karol Brecheisen is flying home to Phoenix early Monday morning. Pastor Bjorn, Pastor

Miriam Perry and I are flying to Bergen, Norway on Monday morning.

Pastor Miriam and I (Shelley) fly home to the USA on Thursday, Sept. 26 after a couple of days of sightseeing. This is the first trip to Norway for both of us. Pastor Bjorn will visit his family in Norway before traveling home to Flagstaff.

Our mission to Ukraine and Norway is almost finished. Glory to God for what He did in the students and the team in both the prayer school in Ukraine and the leadership training in Norway. We all grew closer to Him and were challenged to grow more in our prayer lives, our teaching gifts and in other ways He wants to use us so that His kingdom will come and his perfect will will be done!


Pictures from Norway!

Pastor Karol signing the words of the song, "Table of Grace"

Pastor Karol signing the words of the song, “Table of Grace”

Shelley teaching on the last day of teacher training

Shelley teaching on the last day of teacher training

Celebration of Lights ceremony at Norway LTS

Celebration of Lights ceremony at Norway LTS

Pastor Bjorn & Pastor Harold Tysvar served communion together

Pastor Bjorn & Pastor Harold Tysvar served communion together

The last five students did their presentations at the PWI teacher certification training Friday photo(20)morning in Lyngdal, Norway. Eight people chose to do the presentations so they will graduate tomorrow (Saturday) with a diploma.  photo(23)photo(24)

In the afternoon the LTS students completed a spiritual gifts questionnaire. Not surprisingly the teaching gift was prominent for most of the students. So were the gifts of intercession, hospitality and pastor.

After they completed the questionnaires and heard about the results the students came forward so that the team could bless their gifts. We also asked the Lord to strengthen these gifts even more.

Overall it was a rewarding and busy day. It was fun for all of us to watch the presentations. Then we told the presenters what we liked and what we believed they could improve.


It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of the leadership training seminar. Praise God for a time of spiritual growth for all of us!.









Picture taken in Lyngdal, Norway during a scenic tour of the area by the PWI Mission Team

Thursday was an uplifting and productive day at the teacher certification training in Lyngdal, Norway.

Shelley, Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Karol and Pastor Miriam all did some teaching.

We also divided the students into groups so that we and they could pray that God would help them develop 12 attributes of outstanding teachers. The students were very moved by this experience.

In the afternoon three students made presentations on the characteristics of a house of prayer. After each student’s presentation the team and other students gave them feedback. What did they do well and what could they improve? Thursday was also a fasting day.

The students at this teacher training come from various churches including the state Lutheran Church, Lutheran Free Church, a Pentecostal church, and the non-denominational Mission Church where our teacher training is being taught.


Magne Drageland making his presentation on the house of prayer


The PWI European Mission Team is now in Norway. Pastorphoto(14) photo(13) photo(15) photonopoLyngdal Sunday night. Pastor Bjorn Pedersen, Pastor Karol Brecheisen and Shelley Hedlund got here Monday evening along with Magne Drageland who was on our Ukraine team. Lyngdal is his home.

On Tuesday Pastor Karol, Pastor Miriam and Shelley did some sightseeing with Reidunn, one of our LTS students. This was especially fun for Pastor Miriam and Shelley who had never been to Norway before.

We started Leadership Training Seminar Type 13 — Teacher Certification today (Wednesday) at the Lutheran Mission Church in Lyngdal. Pastor Bjorn did opening devotions and orientation. Pastor Karol spoke on Ezra being an outstanding teacher in the Bible.

Pastor Bjorn and Pastor Miriam taught on the characteristics of outstanding teachers based on the life of Christ. Teaching is more than just head knowledge. The most anointed teaching comes from a pure heart, from a teacher who knows God intimately and demonstrates the fruit of the spirit. We confess our sins and surrender our wills to His. This is what Jesus did.

Twelve students from a variety of churches attended today’s session and they were matched with prayer partners. The participants prayed several times together during the day.

I apologize for not blogging sooner. I did not have Internet services when I first arrived here. Thank you for reading this and praying.

On Sunday we visited the building where the German Lutheran Church of Petrodolina has an after school program for children. Pictured are the volunteers who run it.

Grad message

Pastor Bjorn delivering the graduation message to the students Saturday.

students 1

The students prayed together on Saturday as they reviewed their written projects.

students 2

The students discussed their written projects Saturday morning.


On Friday, Shelley taught the students on the power of angels.

Friday 2

On Friday Pastor Bjorn taught on the different kinds of intercessory gifts.


Students completed a spiritual gifts survey on Thursday.


Pastor Bjorn teaching Wednesday with some humor


Pastor Karol Brecheisen teaching on Wednesday


Thursday Worship in Ukraine

Thursday Worship in Ukraine

Magne teaching

Magna Drageland teaching for the first time

Praying for the students & nation of Belarus


Here are some highlights on the last part of our week in Petrodolina, Ukraine.


Shelley opened with devotions, Pastor Bjorn taught on the importance of corporate prayer and photo(6)Pastor Karol taught on spiritual gifts. The students completed a spiritual gifts survey and came forward so that we could bless their gifts and pray for more. On Thursday evening team members prayed for the students’ needs. Each of us had a translator.




On Friday Pastor Bjorn taught on the different kinds of intercessory prayer gifts. He also told the photo(7)students about the PWI prayer missionary program. He asked those who felt called by God to become a prayer missionary for PWI in Eastern Europe to come forward. Seven people answered the call. Shelley and Pastor Karol ended the day with teachings on angels and spiritual warfare.



Students made presentations on their written assignments. They were divided into groups of four to discuss the positive and negative characteristics and patterns of their families even going back photo(8)several generations. Then they said prayers of blessing over each other for what is good. For what wasn’t good they prayed to cancel assignments, cut cords and be set free!

After the presentations we had the graduation ceremony, a good meal and graduation cake.



We went to church here at the youth center and Bible School with Pastor Gross officiating and the bishop preaching. This prayer school went very well and we really loved the participants. We leave for Norway tomorrow. Praise God and thanks to everyone for praying!

photo(3) photo(4) photo(5)Pastor Bjorn taught on why it is important for us to listen to God. We cannot follow our shepherd if we don’t recognize his voice. God speaks in numerous ways, but especially through His Word.

Pastor Bjorn provided steps in learning to listen. He also taught the students about how we renew our minds. We are all beings with three parts: body, soul and spirit.

Pastor Karol taught the students about the power of the prayer of blessing and the negative effects that curses can have over us. But the good news is that Jesus can set us free from curses. And prayers of blessings can transform us and the people around us.

Later in the day Pastor Bjorn taught how asking God for forgiveness for our sins and forgiving other people who have hurt us is critically important in our lives. If we don’t forgive we harm ourselves and others in many ways. But if we confess our sins to God and then forgive ourselves and others, Jesus will set us free.

The teachings today were very deep and have touched us on the team as well. It is so good for all of us to be reminded of these truths. Praise God!

On Tuesday morning Pastor Karol Brecheisen taught on how we and our churches are to be houses of prayer. We pray before we do anything else. Pastor Karol also touched on fasting, putting on the armor, being spiritually alert and praying for the nations around the world.

Praying for the students & nation of BelarusDuring her teaching representatives of the eight nations at this prayer school came forward for prayer and to stand in unity. The students from Belarus, who have experienced persecution, also came forward for special prayers of blessing and support.

During the afternoon Pastor Bjorn explained how the students would do a spiritual map of their families. They will  identify blessings and challenges across generations. When they finish their written assignments at the end of the week we will bless what’s good and pray for Jesus to set them free from the bad patterns.

At the end of the day Magna Drageland from Norway taught for the very first time at a prayer school. His topic was Growth in Our Personal Prayer Lives and he did an excellent job!

The nations represented at this prayer school are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Armenia, Norway and the USA.





Today (Monday) was our first day of teaching at Petrodolina, Ukraine and we are off to a good start. Pastor Bjorn and Pastor Karol covered introductory material and then Pastor Bjorn spoke to the group about Moses and the burning bush.

As some of you know we are teaching Prayer School 2, “The Burning Bush Encounter.” Bjorn told the students that we all need such burning bush encounters with God so we can be transformed and know what He is calling us to do. Shelley taught the group about fasting and prayer. We are encouraging the students to fast on Thursday.

We have a good mix of young and older people from several countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia. We are expecting more students to arrive tomorrow. God gave us grace in being able to cover all the material we had planned for the day. Sasha, our interpreter/translator, did an excellent job today.

Here are some prayer requests:

1. We are waiting for the arrival of a student and a member of our team, Demitri Morev, from Russia. He will help us put together some written materials in Russian. Please pray that he arrives safely as soon as possible.

2. Please pray for Magna Drageland, our team member from Norway. He is recovering from a virus and his nasal passages and left ear are plugged. He also is coughing. Pray also for his son to recover from this same illness.

3. Pray that many students will choose to fast this week and have encounters with God during their fasts and all week. Ask for the Holy Spirit to lead them.

4. Praise God for how well the prayer school is going so far and for the hard work and cooperation of the people here. They are providing good food, lodging, transportation and the use of the Lutheran Youth Center and Bible School. Pastor Alexander Gross is our host. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to minister in Petrodolina, Ukraine. Thank you, intercessors, for your prayers.