Monday Prayer School Highlights from the Ukraine

Today (Monday) was our first day of teaching at Petrodolina, Ukraine and we are off to a good start. Pastor Bjorn and Pastor Karol covered introductory material and then Pastor Bjorn spoke to the group about Moses and the burning bush.

As some of you know we are teaching Prayer School 2, “The Burning Bush Encounter.” Bjorn told the students that we all need such burning bush encounters with God so we can be transformed and know what He is calling us to do. Shelley taught the group about fasting and prayer. We are encouraging the students to fast on Thursday.

We have a good mix of young and older people from several countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia. We are expecting more students to arrive tomorrow. God gave us grace in being able to cover all the material we had planned for the day. Sasha, our interpreter/translator, did an excellent job today.

Here are some prayer requests:

1. We are waiting for the arrival of a student and a member of our team, Demitri Morev, from Russia. He will help us put together some written materials in Russian. Please pray that he arrives safely as soon as possible.

2. Please pray for Magna Drageland, our team member from Norway. He is recovering from a virus and his nasal passages and left ear are plugged. He also is coughing. Pray also for his son to recover from this same illness.

3. Pray that many students will choose to fast this week and have encounters with God during their fasts and all week. Ask for the Holy Spirit to lead them.

4. Praise God for how well the prayer school is going so far and for the hard work and cooperation of the people here. They are providing good food, lodging, transportation and the use of the Lutheran Youth Center and Bible School. Pastor Alexander Gross is our host. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to minister in Petrodolina, Ukraine. Thank you, intercessors, for your prayers.

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