Tuesday Prayer School Highlights from the Ukraine

On Tuesday morning Pastor Karol Brecheisen taught on how we and our churches are to be houses of prayer. We pray before we do anything else. Pastor Karol also touched on fasting, putting on the armor, being spiritually alert and praying for the nations around the world.

Praying for the students & nation of BelarusDuring her teaching representatives of the eight nations at this prayer school came forward for prayer and to stand in unity. The students from Belarus, who have experienced persecution, also came forward for special prayers of blessing and support.

During the afternoon Pastor Bjorn explained how the students would do a spiritual map of their families. They will ¬†identify blessings and challenges across generations. When they finish their written assignments at the end of the week we will bless what’s good and pray for Jesus to set them free from the bad patterns.

At the end of the day Magna Drageland from Norway taught for the very first time at a prayer school. His topic was Growth in Our Personal Prayer Lives and he did an excellent job!

The nations represented at this prayer school are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Armenia, Norway and the USA.





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