Final Update from the Ukraine

Here are some highlights on the last part of our week in Petrodolina, Ukraine.


Shelley opened with devotions, Pastor Bjorn taught on the importance of corporate prayer and photo(6)Pastor Karol taught on spiritual gifts. The students completed a spiritual gifts survey and came forward so that we could bless their gifts and pray for more. On Thursday evening team members prayed for the students’ needs. Each of us had a translator.




On Friday Pastor Bjorn taught on the different kinds of intercessory prayer gifts. He also told the photo(7)students about the PWI prayer missionary program. He asked those who felt called by God to become a prayer missionary for PWI in Eastern Europe to come forward. Seven people answered the call. Shelley and Pastor Karol ended the day with teachings on angels and spiritual warfare.



Students made presentations on their written assignments. They were divided into groups of four to discuss the positive and negative characteristics and patterns of their families even going back photo(8)several generations. Then they said prayers of blessing over each other for what is good. For what wasn’t good they prayed to cancel assignments, cut cords and be set free!

After the presentations we had the graduation ceremony, a good meal and graduation cake.



We went to church here at the youth center and Bible School with Pastor Gross officiating and the bishop preaching. This prayer school went very well and we really loved the participants. We leave for Norway tomorrow. Praise God and thanks to everyone for praying!

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