Photos from the Ukraine Prayer School

On Sunday we visited the building where the German Lutheran Church of Petrodolina has an after school program for children. Pictured are the volunteers who run it.

Grad message

Pastor Bjorn delivering the graduation message to the students Saturday.

students 1

The students prayed together on Saturday as they reviewed their written projects.

students 2

The students discussed their written projects Saturday morning.


On Friday, Shelley taught the students on the power of angels.

Friday 2

On Friday Pastor Bjorn taught on the different kinds of intercessory gifts.


Students completed a spiritual gifts survey on Thursday.


Pastor Bjorn teaching Wednesday with some humor


Pastor Karol Brecheisen teaching on Wednesday


Thursday Worship in Ukraine

Thursday Worship in Ukraine

Magne teaching

Magna Drageland teaching for the first time

Praying for the students & nation of Belarus


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