The PWI European Mission Team is now in Norway

The PWI European Mission Team is now in Norway. Pastorphoto(14) photo(13) photo(15) photonopoLyngdal Sunday night. Pastor Bjorn Pedersen, Pastor Karol Brecheisen and Shelley Hedlund got here Monday evening along with Magne Drageland who was on our Ukraine team. Lyngdal is his home.

On Tuesday Pastor Karol, Pastor Miriam and Shelley did some sightseeing with Reidunn, one of our LTS students. This was especially fun for Pastor Miriam and Shelley who had never been to Norway before.

We started Leadership Training Seminar Type 13 — Teacher Certification today (Wednesday) at the Lutheran Mission Church in Lyngdal. Pastor Bjorn did opening devotions and orientation. Pastor Karol spoke on Ezra being an outstanding teacher in the Bible.

Pastor Bjorn and Pastor Miriam taught on the characteristics of outstanding teachers based on the life of Christ. Teaching is more than just head knowledge. The most anointed teaching comes from a pure heart, from a teacher who knows God intimately and demonstrates the fruit of the spirit. We confess our sins and surrender our wills to His. This is what Jesus did.

Twelve students from a variety of churches attended today’s session and they were matched with prayer partners. The participants prayed several times together during the day.

I apologize for not blogging sooner. I did not have Internet services when I first arrived here. Thank you for reading this and praying.

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