Update from the LTS in Lyngdal, Norway

Picture taken in Lyngdal, Norway during a scenic tour of the area by the PWI Mission Team

Thursday was an uplifting and productive day at the teacher certification training in Lyngdal, Norway.

Shelley, Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Karol and Pastor Miriam all did some teaching.

We also divided the students into groups so that we and they could pray that God would help them develop 12 attributes of outstanding teachers. The students were very moved by this experience.

In the afternoon three students made presentations on the characteristics of a house of prayer. After each student’s presentation the team and other students gave them feedback. What did they do well and what could they improve? Thursday was also a fasting day.

The students at this teacher training come from various churches including the state Lutheran Church, Lutheran Free Church, a Pentecostal church, and the non-denominational Mission Church where our teacher training is being taught.


Magne Drageland making his presentation on the house of prayer


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