Friday Update from LTS in Lyngdal, Norway

The last five students did their presentations at the PWI teacher certification training Friday photo(20)morning in Lyngdal, Norway. Eight people chose to do the presentations so they will graduate tomorrow (Saturday) with a diploma.  photo(23)photo(24)

In the afternoon the LTS students completed a spiritual gifts questionnaire. Not surprisingly the teaching gift was prominent for most of the students. So were the gifts of intercession, hospitality and pastor.

After they completed the questionnaires and heard about the results the students came forward so that the team could bless their gifts. We also asked the Lord to strengthen these gifts even more.

Overall it was a rewarding and busy day. It was fun for all of us to watch the presentations. Then we told the presenters what we liked and what we believed they could improve.


It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of the leadership training seminar. Praise God for a time of spiritual growth for all of us!.









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