Praise Report from the European Mission Team

We ended the PWI European Mission last Sunday night with Pastor Bjorn preaching at Betania, a local church fellowship in Lyngdal, Norway. Pastor Karol Brecheisen also shared a short message.

We praise God for a fruitful and rewarding  mission trip to both Ukraine and Norway. Please join us in thanking God for using us to build up the body of Christ in these places by training his people to go deeper with Him in prayer.  We thank God also that Norway now has eight trained PWI teachers.

Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Miriam and I arrived safely in Bergen Monday. We said goodbye to Pastor Bjorn at the airport as he joined his brother and sister-in-law. Pastor Miriam and I went to our hotel as we prepared for a couple of days of sightseeing. Pastor Karol left Monday morning to return home to Phoenix.

Pastor Bjorn preaching at Betania in Lyngdal.

Pastor Karol preaching at Betania Sunday night.

Pastor Bjorn with his brother and sister in law (Stein and Svanhil Pedersen)


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