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Submitted By: Jennifer Wenham, Desert Springs Community Fellowship, Safford, Arizona

What a wonderful and blessed time we shared with Prayer Watch International this past weekend. The conference was a weekend conference on deliverance: “Freedom from Bondage.”  We were taught the basics of this deliverance ministry and also received deliverance ministry. Many were delivered and healed. I am one who was delivered from anxiety. It is amazing to me, what God can do when we are willing to allow him to work. This conference opened my eyes to many things spiritually. Even my years as a devout and purposeful Christian, there is so much revelation to still learn. The classes were full and I immediately saw changes in many students. Weights lifted and glowing faces as strongholds were revealed and torn down. We are so grateful for the ministry that PWI shares.Safford 1


PWI has always been a very welcomed “force” at Desert Springs and in Safford. The fruit of this ministry is evident to us even after they leave we know that mountains have been moved, that foundations shook, atmospheres have been transformed and we continue to feel a greater level of Holy Spirit fire. I am excited to see the breaking of strongholds as we take deliverance ministry to our homes, our neighborhoods, our city, our state and beyond!Iphone Pics 2689

Thank you Pastor Bjorn , Pastor Mirian, Dr. Jean Zhender , Joan and Donny for spending your time with us and sharing your gifts. WE WERE TRANSFORMED because you are faithful.

Praise the Lord for His Presence and Power released through PWI Deliverance Conference: Freedom from Bondage at Desert Springs Community Church in Safford, AZ, USA from November 7 to 10.  We began on Thursday evening with Pastor Bjorn teaching on Deliverance Ministry Basics. Friday we gathered to pray and do spiritual warfare over the city of Safford and the Southwest Region of the state of Arizona.  We also did spiritual warfare against the spirits relating to Mormonism as we looked at the LDS Temple in the city of Thatcher, near Safford.

We are grateful to the 27 participants who attended the conference, along with the 5 PWI team members, as we met God and received His freedom and healing this past weekend.  We are thankful to God for Dr. Jean Zehnder who traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah, to teach and minster deliverance along with the PWI AZ Team lead by Pastor Bjorn Pedersen, Donny Leinweber, Joan Kalfahs, and myself, Pastor Miriam Perry.  At the Saturday evening healing service people received powerful release from bondage which will release Holy Spirit to continue to move in power in this church and in this city.  Pastor Bjorn concluded the Prayer Mission in Sunday morning worship service by preaching on “Jesus’ teaching: What to pray, How to Pray, and Why we Pray” from Luke 11:1-13.

May God be glorified in all that was spoken and prayed for, and may His Word accomplish all that He has purposed and planned for this church, city, region and state.

Love in Christ, Pastor Miriam


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