PWI teaches Power in Prayer for students at The Master’s Institute

On Feb. 11 and 18, PWI was privileged to teach two sessions of “Power in Prayer” for students attending The Master’s Institute School of Ministry. Pastor Miriam Perry taught on the use of The Lord’s Prayer as a model prayer and why we listen to God. Pastor Bjorn Pedersen shared various situations where he saw the power of God moving as he listened to the voice of God.  The students were excited to use these practical tools, having gained new perspectives on prayer.

One thought on “PWI teaches Power in Prayer for students at The Master’s Institute

  • Sandy Anderson

    Thank you both for coming to School of Ministry and teaching us. The 2 of you have impacted me in such an incredible way. It is my desire to have the faith and ability to pray like you have taught us. Months later I am still so impressed by your teachings. I also thank you for your prayers over me that one night. In that prayer you confirmed Pastor Bjorn that only God had revealed in me and I am so blessed by this knowledge. Now I have more tools in my tool box to use.. I am looking forward to learning more from how you taught us in School of ministry… thank you again for coming and teaching us…

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