4 Shofars Expand Worship at PWI “Power in Prayer” Conference in Prescott, AZ

4 Shofars sounded in harmony to expand the heart of worship at PWI “Power in Prayer” Conference in Prescott, AZ as they called us to gather in prayer. Steven, Lori, David and Denise offered their gift of shofar blowing, to the American Lutheran Church worship team, led by Tricia, this past weekend, April 24-25, 2015. “Power in Prayer – Discover the Exciting World of Prayer” began on Friday evening, April 24, as Pastor Bjorn Pedersen shared the concept of a House of Prayer with those in attendance, inviting them into the exciting world of prayer through teaching and sharing of modern day parables. Saturday morning Pastor Miriam Perry started the day with a fresh look at The Lord’s Prayer as a pattern of prayer which Jesus taught His disciples. Pastor Bjorn then led us to understand how powerful the “Process of Prayer” is to all intercessors. He taught and shared stories about the “Seven Steps of Prayer” and “How does God speak to His people” in many and varied ways. This was a life-changing conference for the 85 people in attendance from 9 churches.

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