Day 12

Daily Focus: Respect and Honor the Dignity of Life

Respect and honor of others is important in the kingdom of God, especially in a world often characterized by violence and defamation of character and Godly values. Fundamental to life in the body of Christ is to uphold the dignity of life.


Deuteronomy 16:19 (NIV)
Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous.

Philippians 1:27 (NIV)
Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.


Jesus, let us (them) always be RESPECTFUL of our (their) elders, all you have placed in authority over us and cause us to have respect for all people and property. May we (they) always uphold the DIGNITY OF LIFE. Lord, You are the creator of life and You sustain it according to Your divine design. Empower us, by your Spirit, to respect and honor all things You have created and love in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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