2017 European Prayer Mission – Czech Republic

The PWI team prayer walked in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic.  After walking the city, the team went to a Lutheran church (pictured below) and prayed for the people, the country, and for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.  PWI has been to this church on two previous occasions – to prayerwalk and to pray for the congregation.

Please join us in praying for revival in the Czech Republic.

With Pastor Herbert as the guide, Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Steve, and Wendy prayerwalked in Marianske Lazne. This town is world-renown for its hot water springs, where people come for health treatments.  It is a beautiful city and a well-known tourist attraction.

Pastor Bjorn, Pastor Herbert, and Wendy are praying over this protestant church in Marianske Lazne by placing their hands on the front of the church.  PWI has been here to pray for this church two times before – asking for God’s blessings over the church, the people, and the country.

The PWI team prayer walking around the city of Marianske Lazne.

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