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Third, prayer is partnership.  God has plans for you, your family, church, and community. When we pray, we enter into partnership with God to fulfill His plans. In the Lord’s Prayer, we express this: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

Some synonyms for partner are ally, companion, and helpmate.  Isn’t reassuring that God is on our side and wants to be our partner in our journey of life?

Prayer:  Jesus, thank you for being my partner throughout life.  Help me to fulfill Your plans and purposes for my life.  Please continue to guide me day by day. Amen

Second, prayer is communication. This is probably the most common definition of prayer (talking to God). Any good relationship needs meaningful communication.  God desires prayer to be two-way-communication, an ongoing dialogue with us.

The following definition dives into different elements of communication: “Two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places.” (

Prayer:  Father, help me to utilize both elements of communication, not only doing the talking, but also listening.  Enable me to experience greater meaning through our time together, connecting on a deeper level with one another.  Amen

Prayer can be described using three critical components.  First, prayer is a relationship between our loving and caring heavenly Father and us, His children. God invites us to a personal relationship.  He desires a deeper, intimate relationship with us – Holy and Consecrated.

A relationship can be defined as “a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection)” as suggested by  This element of prayer is emphasized in James 4:8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Prayer: Lord, deepen the relationship between us.  Grow our connectedness to one another as I intentionally spend time with you each day. Amen

Prayer Watch International is excited to offer a new blog series which highlights Prayer School IA – Face to Face with God by Pastor Bjørn Pedersen.  These excerpts are brief snapshots from the 15 lessons of this Prayer School and from Pastor Bjørn’s book, Face to Face With God in Your Church: Establishing a Prayer Ministry

The fact that the Bible contains about 700 prayers is irrefutable evidence of just how important God feels prayer is.  We invite you to join us in the journey into a deeper prayer life for you as well as for your surrounding community.