Families in Prayer

Prayer School 4
Families in Prayer:
Praying Together Staying Together

First, there is the biological family we were born into as we entered the world. Biological families serve a broad range of needs and provide many opportunities for growth, involvements and give a sense of belonging. Some Christians belong to an adopted family. It serves the same needs as the biological family. It connects us with people who encourage growth, involvement and belonging. The extended family, of past and present generations, is also part of our biological family.

Second, the local church family teaches us about God and assists us to grow spiritually and morally. An important part of the church family is corporate growth as a community of faith. Corporate prayer is part of this experience. The church family aids the biological family in this endeavor.

Third, the body of Christ worldwide is the family of believers throughout the entire world. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are part of Jesus’ family. We have the same heavenly Father and we will spend eternity together with God in heaven. In fact, this family can be expressed as our eternal family or everlasting family.

One way all of these families can connect and even have a powerful and positive effect on each other is through prayer.

Prayer, as defined by PWI, has three principle components:
1. Relationship – Between our heavenly Father and us, His children.
2. Communication – God encourages His family to dialog with Him.
3. Partnership – God invites us to be His partners and see His plans fulfilled.

What are God’s plans for His Family?


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