Heart to Heart with God

Prayer School 3:
Heart to Heart with God:
Waiting on the Lord, Learning to Recognize His Voice, and Obediently Doing What He Says

PWI Prayer School Three is designed to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus. The Prayer School title summarizes what it is all about: Heart To Heart With God – Waiting on the Lord, Learning To Recognize His Voice, and Obediently Doing What He Says. Prayer is a relationship between God and His people. The relationship is greatly enhanced by meaningful communication.

Prayer is meant to be a dialogue. Meaningful prayer needs to include times of listening to what God wants to share. In order to effectively listen, believers need to recognize the voice of God and how He speaks. Prayer School Three also trains believers in how to journal what is received during listening prayer times. There exist, however, hindrances to hearing and recognizing God’s voice. After God has spoken, He will confirm His message. How does He do that? All of these areas are major courses in Prayer School Three. Add to this learning important principles of guidance, recognizing false guidance and knowing God’s will.


The Orientation
An Overview of Prayer School 3

The Preparation
Establishing a Strong Prayer Foundation

The Journaling (Processing)
Prayer Journaling Training and Practice

The Application
Applying the Theory to Daily Life and Ministry

The Graduation and Commissioning:
Go and do it!