Leadership Training Seminars

Every organization seeking to be anointed, effective, and in the center of God’s “good, pleasing, and perfect will” (Romans 12:2), needs a program of equipping, tooling, and training. The Leadership Training Seminars (LTSs) are such a training program for Prayer Watch International (PWI).

The target audience that PWI is seeking to reach to participate in LTSs people who are:

  • Not familiar with the PWI vision, but interested in prayer, but are prayerfully considering getting involved
  • Those who already feel a sense of Call to be involved with PWI
  • Alumni of all PWI prayer training opportunities

That leaves the door open to all Christians who are interested in prayer. However, not all the seminars are open to everyone. Some of the seminars are targeting certain groups of PWI partners – teaching team members, national or international team leaders, etc.

Most of the LTSs are either one or two days in length, typically on a Friday and/or Saturday.

Completion of a LTS opens the door for graduates to become a PWI team member for future PWI prayer growth and restoration events.


The Open Seminar Series:

The Open Seminar Series are open to all Christians with a desire to grow in prayer.

LTS Type 1:The Ministry of Word and Prayer: The Powerful Word of God and Anointed Prayer

LTS Type 2: God’s General Plan of Prayer for the body of Christ: A Call To Prayer

LTS Type 3: God’s Vision of Prayer For The Church Worldwide

LTS Type 4: Your Life Gifts, Personality Type, Passions, Values, and Spiritual Gifts

LTS Type 5: Welcome, Holy Spirit!
The Role, Functions, and Purposes of the Holy Spirit and Prayer and The Holy Spirit

LTS Type 6: Grow Up Spiritually!
Spiritual Maturity – You, Family, Church, and Mission: The Seven Stages of Spiritual Growth and Development Discussed in Scriptures. What Are They? Where Am I, My Family, My Church, and My Ministry? Where Do We Need To Go?

LTS Type 7: Prayer Mission and Prayer Ministry
How To Connect Prayer With Any Church Mission Into Anointed Kingdom’s Action

LTS Type 8: PWI –  Who are we? And What do we do?

LTS Type 9: Prayer, Prophet, and Prophecy!

LTS Type 10: Tuning into the Voice of God.

The Selective Seminar Series:

The Selective Seminar Series requires an invitation as it typically involves training for volunteering or working with PWI in a specific capacity.

LTS Type 11:God’s Philosophy of Ministry and Mission for PWI

LTS Type 12:The PWI National and International Leadership Training Program For Team Servant Leaders

LTS Type 13:The Anointed PWI Teaching Team: Teacher Certification Training

LTS Type 14: PWI Prayer Journey Training:

LTS Type 15:Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training:

LTS Type 16:Faith Based Funding For Mission and Ministry

LTS Type 17: Beloved, You Are Called To Be A Prayer Missionary

LTS Type 18: Principles of Blessed Mentoring

LTS Type 19: Long Course for PWI Team, Chapter, and Branch Servant Leaders and Members

LTS Type 20: PWI Basics for International Servant Leaders

LTS Type 21: The PWI Prayer Rooms