Prayer Carousels

Prayer Carousels

A “Prayer Carousel” is a weekend opportunity for exploring in depth a selected topic related to growth in the area of prayer. One session builds on another so that participants can have ample opportunity to consider various aspects of the topic the “Prayer Carousel” addresses. The “Prayer Carousel” is focused upon transformation as well as information so there are opportunities for worship, ministry, and hands-on training.

A “Prayer Carousel” can begin Friday evening and end Saturday late afternoon or evening. A second “Prayer Carousel” model is to have a Saturday only event. It is also possible to include Sunday morning preaching on prayer. The “Carousel” can be tailored to meet the needs of individual congregations.

 Where Prayer Fairs typically cover the “water-front” with a broad variety of prayer topics normally chosen by the participating congregation(s), Prayer Carrousels usually go in depth on one prayer topic. For example, several sessions on healing prayer could be offered.

Registration costs for the “Prayer Carousel” are determined by the kinds of services provided.


Discovering the Exciting World of Prayer
A “Carousel” for those getting started in prayer

Developing a Joyful Personal Prayer Life
An intermediate level “Carousel” for those with some experience in prayer

Lord, Teach Us to Pray for Others
A “Carousel” to help people learn the basics of intercession

Power in Prayer
An advanced level “Carousel” looking at steps to a more powerful prayer life

Learning to Listen to God
An intermediate level “Carousel” to encourage two-way communication with God

Ministry Team Training
An intermediate to advanced level “Carousel” to train people to pray for others during or following Sunday morning worship services

Becoming a House of Prayer 
A beginning level “Carousel” to explore how to become a “House of Prayer” with lots of practical ideas for implementation


Other Carousels can be developed upon request to meet the needs of a particular congregation.