Prayer Fair

Prayer Fairs

A Prayer Fair is a prayer growth opportunity for Christians who seek to mature in their personal and corporate prayer life. It offers a selection of workshops tailored to meet the needs of your congregation. A Prayer Fair provides a series of ninety-minute workshops on a variety of topics with sessions appropriate for congregations whose members have differing levels of experience in prayer. Churches can select workshops of their choice with up to three workshops being offered simultaneously. This maximizes meaningful growth and better meets the needs of a diverse congregation.

A “Prayer Fair” can begin Friday evening and end Saturday late afternoon or evening. A second “Prayer Fair” model is a Saturday only event. It is also possible to include Sunday morning preaching on prayer.

Select from these workshops to meet the needs of your congregation:

• Getting Started in Prayer
• Getting Over the Fear of Praying Out Loud
• Learning to Pray Effectively for Others
• Teaching Children to Pray
• Praying with a Partner
• The Power of Prayer and Fasting
• Increasing the Power of the Holy Spirit in your Prayer Life
• Praying for Revival in Your City
• Prayer Journaling to Deepen your Spiritual Life
• Experiencing the Presence of God in Prayer
• Becoming a House of Prayer
• Praying to Bring Others to Christ
• Prayerwalking: Praying on Site with Insight
• Contemplative/Meditative Prayer
• Praying for Healing
• Spiritual Warfare
• Learning to Listen to God
• Principles of Guidance
• The Prayer of Forgiveness
• Getting through Spiritual Tough Times
• Laying a Prayer Foundation for Ministry
• Using Scripture to Guide Your Prayer
• The Role of the Prayer Leader in the Local Church
• Developing a Prayer Ministry in the Local Church
• Having a Dynamic Small Group Prayer Meeting

There are also other workshops available.

Registration costs for the “Prayer Fair” are determined by the kinds of services provided.