Face to Face with God

Prayer School 1
Face to Face with God
Developing A Strong Prayer Life For You
and A Powerful Prayer Ministry For Your Church, Family, or Ministry

“My house will be called a house of prayer.” Matthew 21:13

PWI Prayer School One trains prayer leaders and prayer coordinators. However, any believer with an interest in prayer can benefit from participation in the Prayer School. It provides prayer inspiration in an anointed balance with prayer information, integrating worship and praise, Bible teaching, and many practical prayer involvements (prayer-walking, prayer partnerships, listening prayer, healing prayer and much more).

Prayer School one is fifteen days and focuses on prayer mobilization and organization, personal and corporate prayer growth, and developing strategies for the church to become “a house of prayer for the nations” (Isaiah 56:7 and Matthew 21:13). Participants can choose from one of two options. The diploma option requires the writing of a prayer plan for the local church or organization, business or family. The certificate option does not require a written plan. Graduates frequently say, “The Prayer School was a life changing experience!”

Twenty-seven exciting courses on various aspects of prayer taught by Pastor Bjorn Pedersen and others:

Module #1
Extensive Overview of the Total Training Program
• Prayer Watch International
• The Role of The Prayer Coordinator

Module #2
God’s Vision of Prayer
• The Vision
• Prayer As Foundation
• Developing A Prayer Ministry Plan (General Discussion)
• Designing Your Prayer Program (Specific Plan)

Module #3
How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life
• The Individual Prayer Life (A Joyful Personal Prayer Life, Prayer and Fasting, Power in Prayer)
• The Corporate Prayer Life (How to Organize and Lead an Anointed Corporate Prayer Meeting)
• Prayer Support from Others (Building A Powerful Intercessory Support Team)

Module #4
Teaching Prayer to Others
• Discover The Exciting World of Prayer
• Intercession 1 – Lord, Teach Us to Pray for Others
• Power in Prayer
• Analysis of Prayer Curricula and Teaching

Module #5
Training and Equipping the Prayer Leader
• Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
• Excellence in Christian Leadership
• Healing Prayer
• Spiritual Warfare
• Children and Prayer
• Prayerwalking Training
• Worship and Praise
• Prayer and Mission

Module #6
Putting Prayer into Practice
• The Prayer Room (Ministry of Intercession)
• Prayerwalking
• Open Prayer Meetings: Prayer For The World, Healing Prayer Meeting
• Prayer From the Mountain
• Worship and Praise
• Intercession Prayer Party
• Prayer and Mission

Module #7
Developing an Exciting Prayer Plan for Your Church, Organization or Family
• Write Your Prayer Plan
• Present the Prayer Plan to the Class
• Revise the Ministry Plan, if necessary
• Present the Final Seminar Draft to PWI for the PWI Library
• Send Copies of Future Revised Plans to the PWI Library

Module #8
Graduation, Receiving Your Diploma
• Certified “Prayer Leader”
• Commissioned to Serve

Module #9
Support and follow-up – The Alumni Foundation: More Exciting Prayer Growth Opportunities
• Alumni Foundation – Alumni Newsletter
• Leadership Training Seminars
• Prayer Support
• The Prayer Coordinator

You are invited to prayerfully consider participation in Prayer Watch International (PWI) Prayer School I. Do you want to experience power in prayer? Consider it. Join us!