The Prayer Vision

The Prayer Vision

The Prayer Vision given to PWI uses a well-known Biblical metaphor, the Bride and the Groom, in calling God’s people back to God’s original plan. A new dimension has been added in the vision: Jesus is coming back again!

The “sitz im Leben” (the setting of the vision) is a congregation and a wedding celebration in a congregation. Upon a closer examination, it became clear that the Bride is not well. In fact, she was very sick and had to be brought into the church on a stretcher! Something was obviously wrong. Everybody knew something must be done and fast. But what should be done? After some painful moments of silence and in-action, something unexpectedly happened! A single person from the congregation got up from the pews, walked over to the stretcher, knelt by the Bride, touched one of her arms, and started to pray for her quick healing and restoration. Others now join the first person kneeling by the Bride. Soon the entire stretcher is surrounded by people who are praying for the Bride. Suddenly, a metamorphosis or transformation takes place.

With more prayer, she soon recovers, stands up, and walks around the sanctuary. Then see takes her appointed place at the side of the Groom. The two of them walk together up to the altar and the wedding celebration commences.

What does it mean?

God’s Vision of Prayer focuses on getting the church ready for the return of Jesus through…


Deeper intimacy (relationship, two-way communication, and partnership) with Jesus, maturity, unity and empowerment by the Spirit resulting in faithfulness, obedience, perseverance, and great fruitfulness to God’s glory, honor, and praise.


Deliverance, healing, and restoration (with reconciliation and resuscitation) of the Church to live in wholeness and holiness to fulfill its destiny in Christ


Preparing the Bride/Church for the return of the Groom/Jesus; development, nurture and release of great faith to complete all of God’s Redemptive Plans and Purposes for the Church, world, universe, and age. Praise the Lord!