Wholeness in Christ

Prayer School 5:
Wholeness In Christ:
Praying for Deliverance, Healing, Reconciliation, and Restoration,
Encouraging and Teaching Others to Pray Likewise,
and Bring Wholeness to People of Need

Wholeness in Christ assists everyone in getting involved in healing and wholeness ministry, and encourages further exploration and involvement in healing prayer. The Prayer School emphasizes praying for healing, assists and encourages other believers to do the same, and facilitates wholeness to the church according to God’s Word and the instructions of the Holy Spirit. These topics were composed with the ultimate goal of getting the Church ready for the Return of Jesus.

The primary approach to this Prayer School is to provide some basic information, inspiration and revelation regarding healing and wholeness. This Prayer School is designed for the beginner and intermediate person who may have some or limited information and involvement in healing prayer. This way, everybody can be blessed, encouraged and benefited from attending Prayer School five, whether this is “new” or “refresher” information to you.

• God’s Vision of Prayer: Wholeness in Christ
• Ministry Out of the Compassion & Mercy of Jesus
• Biblical Foundation for Healing
• Healing Prayer Basics
• Written Project on Healing Prayer
• Healing Prayer Teaching and Ministry
• Healing of Broken Relationships
• Healing of Memories
• Prayer & Fasting
• Healing from Rejection
• Resuscitation, Restoration, & Impartation
• Deliverance Teaching
• Healing through Reconciliation