PWI Update On UPLINC: March 2013

teachingGod is on the move! The PWI University of Prayer is being established through prayer. Praise God! The University of Prayer is the primary training, teaching, equipping, and mentoring arm of PWI.

The UPLINC Ministry of PWI

UP is an abbreviation for “University of Prayer”.

LINC describes the four primary vehicles of training through PWI:
L = Leadership Training Seminars (LTSs). It includes Open and Select LTSs.
I = International Institute of Prayer. It includes National and International Prayer Schools in these
forms: Standard, Weekly, Mini, International, and DVD.
N = Net School. It is short for The Internet Prayer School – making the PWI prayer curricula
available through the internet.
C = Called to Prayer. It is the PWI Prayer Missionary Ministry (PPMM).

Pastor Bjorn is finalizing the curricula. We are in the process of getting all the curricula recorded, manuals and study guides developed, which can go along with the DVDs. At present, Prayer School VII Jesus is Coming Back is for sale on DVDs with the manual and a study guide. The Net School will be available when God releases the resources needed. The Prayer Missionary Ministry is in the seed form ready to blossom.

The key element I am working on is the Prayer Foundation under UPLINC and the Canopy of Prayer over and around the UPLINC. Please email Pastor Miriam at if God calls you to pray for UPLINC, so it can be fully established in God’s will, time, and in His selected places.


1. Praise God for Prayer School VII Jesus is Coming Back is available for sale.

2. Pray for protection, direction and favor (PDF) for Pastor Bjorn and the teams completing all the curricula.

3. Pray for anointed, rock-solid prayer foundation under UPLINC through anointed intercessors

4. Pray God’s complete and perfect will be done in and through UPLINC

5. Pray that UPLINC and all PWI Prayer Centers will be places of God’s indwelling presence

May the rich blessings of the Lord fill your life and ministry.


Pastor Miriam Perry
Coordinator, University of Prayer

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