PWI Watch and Pray! The Watchman Anointing Seminar was Exciting to Present

PWI “Watch and Pray! The Watchman Anointing” Seminar was an exciting and impactful time for all in attendance. 28 students from 11 churches gathered at St. John’s Lutheran Church to gain new understanding of God’s call to all Christians to “Watch and Pray.”

We studied the Old Testament words used to express the characteristics of a person called to be a Watchman. We studied the call Jesus gave His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane to “Watch and Pray.”  Pastor Bjorn shared a teaching on the 7 Gateways a Watchman may be assigned to watch over, and well as how one can hear His Voice.  Ephesians 6:18 “Be Alert…” was expanded to 1) be alert to what God is saying and doing; 2) be alert to the enemy schemes and 3) be alert to and bless what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Each participant was encouraged to identify what Watchman role and call God has given them and specifically which Gateway they have been placed by God to watch over. Holy Spirit instructed Pastor Bjorn to impart several gifts, including the Watchman anointing to all present. He challenged us to go and Watch and then Pray about what God showed us.

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